Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Introducing Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joe aka Maxx
Ok, so you're probably thinking 'who the hell is Grandpa Joe? And why does he look like a twenty-something Canadian?'

Well you may know that I have recently gone and broken my leg through the dangerous sport of skiing. Before I went off on that adventure I put my notice in to vacate my room - there was a solid plan for this that my leg has now thrown a spanner into - so now I am crashing on the couch at a friend's place. 

The Saturday after I got back, Maxx (pictured) got a wee bit too friendly with Frosty Jack* and decided to jump off the roof of next door's backyard shed.
The ground decided to fuck Maxx up and he ended up with a bit of a bung ankle - it looked like he had a mass growing out of his foot! Anywho, seeing as we both couldn't handle stairs all that well (London houses are FULL of stairs) we both crashed on the couch. 

A couple night's later the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was on TV and our own version of Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine was born thanks to the boys. 

*A potent cider that is available in 3L bottles from one of the local supermarkets.