Friday, 4 April 2014

Adventures with Grandpa Joe #1

If you don't know who Grandpa Joe is, you can check him out here

Today Grandpa Joe and I decided to actually get off the couch (first time in a while) and we went across town to South Kensington. Our first stop was the London Science Museum.

We started of learning about Space. This bloke was the first guy in space. Back in the 1960s, Russia (sorry, the USSR) wasn't content with owning half of Europe, they wanted to make their mark on outer space too. 

Yuri was a bit of a hunky piece of man - although that could just be a bit of amazing Photoshop skills. 

I also found a new man for myself wandering around the exhibits of the Science Museum. Unfortunately he was faceless and wasn't very talkative. I don't think I will see him again. 

Moving on from space, there were a heap of displays about transport technology. There were some pretty sweet cars on display, like this classic

I took A LOT of photos at the Museum and one of the hardest things about blogging is picking and choosing which ones to use. 
My two favourites had to be these:

One of the displays let you take a photo of your face and see what you look like when your old.

I think I would make a hot Grandma. The boys at home think Grandpa Joe looks a bit like Robert Forster (some American actor guy).

After our foray into the Science Museum, we were getting a bit hungry. We had planned to have a bit of a picnic in Hyde Park (about a 5 minute walk from the museum) but unfortunately, with the area being a bit 'high class' there was no Sainsburys or Tesco within walking range! Bloody devo! 

Lucky we found a highly priced cafe near the Hyde Park tennis court that sold baguettes and paninis. Hyde Park is a huge green space, so we decided to go suss out this baby. 

Turns out old Vic loved her man Albert so much, she had this monument commissioned in his memory. I better get something just as cool when I cark it. 

The old London weather did what it's known for and the cold chill started to breeze in so we hightailed it (limped - broken leg remember) out of the park and down to the National History Museum.

The Museum started of with a bit of space knowledge, and you get to ascend into this bad boy.

There was also a huge exhibit on natural disasters. Joe and I got to try out the earthquake simulator. That was pretty cool, although judging by the video they show of the Japanese earthquake, they tame it down a fair bit. 

The thing we most wanted to see was the dinosaurs. 


The Natural History Museum also has an exhibit on Human Biology. 
Due to the fact that Maxx and I are mature, adults we thought we would take a wander through. 
Interesting facts: 
*Boobs are expressly for the purpose of attracting the opposite sex. 
*The Museum gives instructions on what goes where:

*We are not as mature as we pretend to be:

How to get there:

>The Science Museum and the National History Museum can both be found on Exhibition Road, South Kensington.
>Admission is free for both museums, but donations are welcome. 
>The closest tube stop is South Kensington, available on the District, Circle and Picadilly Lines.
>There is an underground subway that will take you directly from the tube station to right outside the museum.