Saturday, 21 February 2015


My London home is filled with many people (high teens we're talking about here) so there is always something and someone to do stuff with. 

Mid January saw a bunch of us head to Kings Cross for a train journey to Cambridge. 

One of the main attractions of the university town (besides the university) is punting on the River Cam. Punting is just a fancy word for some bloke pushing you up and down the river in a boat - like the gondolas in Venice. 

our boat driver and some housemates

Pro tip for punting: do NOT bring sandwiches on board. The ducks on the river are vicious and will try and eat out of your hand!

invasion of ducks

Many of the colleges of Cambridge back up on to the River Cam and have wonderful rich histories (they've been around long enough - 1209). 
And a few famous students, including Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing as well as comedians like John Cleese, Simon Bird and Stephen Fry. 

King's College Chapel

Cambridge is a lovely medieval town with amazing architecture and something for everyone, from markets to pubs. 

*Punting for 10 people cost us £10 per person.