Friday, 16 January 2015

Arsenal Stadium Tour

Because I'm an awesome girlfriend, for Christmas I bought my boyfriend tickets for the Arsenal Legends Tour. After much research (asking his friend - who is also a 'gooner' (Arsenal fan) which legend is better, the Perry Groves Legend Tour was booked. 

The tour started of with a introduction into the new stadium by Groves.

Emirates Stadium was built in 2006 and is the third largest stadium in England with a capacity of 60272 people. 

The pitch was planned first with optimal sunshine and then the stadium built around it. 
Due to the shit English weather the stadium use special UV lights to make the pitch all green and lush.  

We got to see the fancy 'Diamond Club' which is an ultra-exclusive suite boasting a fine view to the game. Prices start from £5000 not including food.

The Diamond Club is also home to this special trophy - winners of 49 games straight! (A record yet to be beaten)

We got to have a nose around the home change rooms and that place is more decked out than a spa!
A 'warm-up space', a massage room, a heated pool, ice bath, an integrated speaker system so the manager doesn't have to raise his voice to be heard and special non-slip floors.
The room is shaped in a u-shape to promote harmony (acording to feng-shui) .
After every game the players are required to spend at least 20 minutes in the heated pool on a vibrating ledge.

the heated pool

The opposition just have a basic square room, none of the perks of the Arsenal team.

the away change room

At the moment Emirates Stadium is home to the FA Cup.