Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Dinner at Work - Smoky Carrot and Broccoli Soup

Soup has seemed to be the theme of the week with the colder weather coming in. 
Yesterday we had a bag of carrots and quarter head of broccoli in the fridge that need to be used. 


Smoky Carrot and Broccoli Soup

1 onion sliced
5 medium carrots
Spring onion
Quarter of a brocoli
2 cloves garlic
Veg stock

Dried chillis
Garic granules
Smoked paprika

fry onion with cinnamon until golden

add chopped carrots
add 1 litre of veg stock and chilli
add chopped spring onions and stalk of broccoli
put lid on and bring to the boil
add the paprika, garlic granules, salt and pepper 
taste and adjust
stir, and garlic cloves, then take of heat to blend
add the broccoli florets
 replace lid and back on heat for a few minutes to cook broccoli 

serve and eat