Thursday, 28 May 2015

Turtle Bay

So anyone that has access to either my Facebook or Instagram accounts will know how much I love food. Cooking it, eating it, photographing it. Food in general.

Last month a couple of friends and I discovered Turtle Bay. The thing that attracting us in the first place had to be the 2 4 1 Cocktails Happy Hour (I swear we're not alcoholics!). But it wasn't just any Happy Hour. It was a SEVEN HOUR HAPPY HOUR!


The decor was warm and inviting, a 'beach hut' served as the bar and the kitchen was placed in a shipping container at the back of the restaurant. The bathrooms continued with the same hip scene.


Turtle Bay have a really good allergen menu. It was colour coded between meat, vegetarian and vegan and all the allergens in each dish were marked. Super easy to find what was gluten free. 
After a morning of shopping on a bit of a hangover I wasn't feeling all that hungry so opted for the Goats Chesse, Aubergine and Butternut Salad

I did think it was a bit weird that it came with a side of watermelon, but it added a refreshing burst of flavour after the spicy chickpeas. 

We had wonderful food, amazing cocktails and great service from our waitress. 

Turtle Bay can be found at 16 High Street, Ealing, London. It's open from 1130 till midnight with Ealing Common being the closest tube station and Ealing Broadway Train Station.