Monday, 30 March 2015

Bogan Bingo

I finally got around to going to this Aussie London staple - Bogan Bingo! 
with the added bonus of the Shitty Disco afterwards. 

The Bingo is hosted by these two legends:

The main prize was limited edition photo of two pandas trying to have sex. Second prize was a 9 day trip to Egypt with Travel Talk. On the left of that photo is the 'Bogan Board', with each photo of a famous bogan hiding a prize. 
Other prizes included a One Direction calendar (not updated), a dustpan and brush, a box of condoms and a 'drinking bib'. 

Unfortunately no one from my group was lucky enough to win anything. 
We did get the chance to dress up though! Theme was Trailor Park Fashion or Single and Sexy in 1986. 

Bogan Bingo is held every Thursday at the Slug in Fulham and Shitty Disco every two months or so.
Tickets can be found here